St. James Law works with creditors and businesses to develop effective and creative responses, strategies and solutions for financially troubled companies. 

Michael St. James, the principal of St. James Law, P.C., specializes in creative solutions to business problems affecting troubled businesses and their creditors. He represents creditors and landlords in all bankruptcy and insolvency contexts, finding the best business outcome for each unique situation, crafting practical solutions that resolve underlying problems. He also works with debtors directly and has earned a reputation for leading effective out-of-court work-outs and for successfully managing the Chapter 11 process where that proves necessary.

With more than three decades of experience in bankruptcy and business insolvency law and practice, St. James is adept at both the litigation and transactional aspects of an insolvency case. Most fundamentally, though, St. James is known for his relentless, uncompromising and thoughtful representation of his clients, regardless of which side of the creditor/debtor divide they occupy.

St. James specializes in representing creditors, landlords and acquirers of troubled businesses, as well as working to resolve the problems of troubled businesses.


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